Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Forcing myself to write, I discover my default attitude is one of cynicism.

I went on a hike with a group from meetup.com. This particular group of people is composed of various types of artists (painters, film-makers, photographers and writers) who go on hikes in and around the Austin, TX area and allow nature to inspire them in their various creative genres. On this hike there were two stops along the way, the first being an overlook of the Austin skyline. There was some stonework around the overlook and I sat down to write. As I was writing, one of the other creative individuals, Darren (http://www.myspace.com/2xlstudios), snapped this picture of me as I sat there. This is what I wrote...

I wonder how long this contest between the Austin skyscrapers will go on? Each one trying to outdo the other. To be bigger, sleeker, more geometric, bluer. Bluer, this cityfeels old, caught in a desperate game of catchup. Where the old buildings were once sharp and boxed, full of angles, the new are rounded, slanted and spire topped. The old consisted of browns and tans, with dark windows and sharp neon light tracing what the architect clearly wants you to notice. And the new? The new buildings are bathed in light. The spire topped contains a beam of white light shooting up the middle to the top. The slanted is consumed in changing colors on the roof, visible to all. I guess the only exception is the tower. The old, tan building with a university feel. Bathing itself in burnt orange light to signal a victory to the city. But, from up here, even contrasted against the green of the trees and the colors of earth and stone, blanketed by the gray skies hinting at the blue behind them begging to burst through, it all still feels old. Dark and neutral, quiet despite the rush of nearby cars. Dead. Hazy. Sleepy. Unfinished. Amazing how different things look without the sunlight to make the colors come to life. With blinding blues and living greens, illuminating the dim gray branches to reveal the yellow mosses and leftover reddish leaves. Funny how light itself brings color to the world. I'm sure there's a science lesson in there somewhere. Then again, maybe I'm just becoming a cynic and the only overcast gray skies around are the ones clouding my own eyes. After all, I haven't even turned around yet...

(Behind me was nothing but nature...)

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